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  • “More than ever, high-end fashion houses are selling to the full spectrum of prices and customers. And, surprisingly, cheap-chic brands may be giving couture—astronomically expensive made-to-measure clothing—a new lease on life.” - The Wall Street Journal

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  • Brand Architect reports on developments in the marketing services industry and hopefully contributes to the thinking that is shaping the intersecting worlds of brand consulting, advertising and management consulting.


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I just read this blog entry, and had to say something. I used to be a character performer and I really did try to see every child that I come across, no matter what age. But some days are worse than others, and the crowds are really what got to me. Guests can be so incredibly rude; and quite frankly, trying to get backstage and out of a 120 degree costume after being tripped, pushed, punched, stepped on, yelled at in another language, grabbed, having autograph pens and books thrown at your face as you're trying to get off set (and we really will be RIGHT BACK) isn't always easy. We try and do see everyone, but sometimes it isn't possible. Character attendants' jobs are to tell the guests when the character is leaving for a short break, and 'one more family' really has to mean 'one more family' or the poor character will get mobbed. I can't tell you how many times I've been injured by overzealous parents and children leaping on me to get 'one last shot'. So yes, the characters are real to those children, but on the other side many guests forget that there are (highly underpaid) people in there with personal lives as well. We have off days, just like you, and shouldn't be taken offensively. Sometimes we just need to get where we're going safely and don't mean to push you aside.

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